Accursed Mountains – Exquisite Outdoor Offer

Cross border region Accursed Mountains Bjeshkët e Namuna is characterized by a similar natural and cultural heritage, despite being divided by state borders. In order to use that potential, improve the quality of life in the mentioned area and create sustainable economic development, the Accursed Mountains – Exquisite Outdoor Offer Project was created with the aim of strengthening cross-border zone of the Accursed Mountains as an outdoor destination.

In the last 10 years, especially with the establishment of the protected area of the Accursed Mountains – Bjeshkët e Namuna by Kosovo and Montenegro, tourism has played a significant role in local economy. With arrival of an increasing number of tourists visiting this area, there are certain needs and shortcomings that need to be addressed. Tourists observe this area as one, while tourist agencies focus on the territory of their countries, thus the entire tourism sector is losing on quality of the offer. To achieve this, two regional development agencies from Kosovo and Montenegro and two leading tourism development institutions from Peja and Plav have teamed up to improve supply and strengthen economic sector in both countries.

In order to enable the Accursed mountains – Bjeshkët e Namuna region to truly become a cross-border outdoor destination, a network of approximately 300 km of hiking and cycling trails has been developed, which are marked and offer appropriate connections between Kosovo and Montenegro. Also, two thematic trails have been designed that connect these two countries. The entire border region is equipped with rest areas, viewpoints and bicycle parking lots.

Special attention was dedicated to collection of information for tourists along marked trails with all services (food, accommodation, camping, equipment servicing, equipment rental, cultural points, etc.) and creating maps with provided information. Maps and info boards have been set up along the entire border zone to ensure safety of visitors and improve orientation on the trails.

As more and more people use technology for orientation in nature, GPS track logs were collected and a mobile application was created with all the data that guests visiting this region may need. Also, all the information can be found on internet portal where the entire offer of the border zone is presented, which makes it easier for both tourists and tourist agencies to obtain necessary information.

The Project will stimulate economic development and create new employment opportunities. Such activities will attract high number of guests and create opportunities to increase income of the existing ones and opening of new small businesses to provide tourist services.

The Project is implemented by the Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije in cooperation with the Tourism Organization Plav, as well as partners from Kosovo – Regional Development Agency WEST and the Tourism Organization of Peja. It is funded by the European Union, through the IPA II program Montenegro – Kosovo 2014-2020, and the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.

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