Semitronix Hotel

Located 300 m from the centre of Peje, on the 8th and 9th floor of a business and residential block building, Hotel Semitronix offers spectacular 360-degree views of the city, the Rugova Mountains and the fields of the Dukagjini Flatlands. In addition to its fully equipped and spacious rooms, the hotel also has a restaurant, terrace cafeteria, children’s playground, and a spinning cafeteria on the top floor. It is located also the main street of Peja, and provides underground parking, thus ideally placed for your itinerary of sightseeing within the city, or outdoor activities in the mountains and field around Peja. The hotel also connects to the pedestrian road of the Old Bazar of Peja, which is full of shops and cultural heritage sites one can visit.

Address: Mbretëresha Teutë str., no. 153, Peja
Municipality: Peja
Contact Person: Shemsedin Zeka
Tel: +383 49 852 162
Social Media: Facebook

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