NP Prokletije (Montenegro)

National Park Prokletije is one of the youngest national parks in the Dinaric region. It was officially declared a national park in 2009. The dominant feature of the area of Prokletije is the richness and diversity of flora and fauna, so that this area is one of the centers of high mountain diversity of the Balkans. This National Park is rich in larger and smaller streams, springs and sources of drinking and mineral water, rivers, underground aquifers. Among the lakes for their beauty stand out Hridsko, Visitorsko, Ropojansko, Tatarijsko, Bjelaj, ponds on Vezirova Brada, a small lake on Treskavac and Koljindarsko Lake. Hridsko Lake, with the surface of approximately 35 000 square meters at 1970 m altitude is certainly one of the highest, and in the opinion of many people the most beautiful lake in Montenegro. Visitorsko Lake at 1,820 meters stands out with its beauty, including its grass floating island – sandbank in the middle of the lake, which in the past shepherds had used as a natural shelter for the cattle from the mountain beasts. Relief of Prokletije is jagged, with numerous peaks, gorges, steep slopes, river valleys of alpine type and other natural phenomena. The specificity of this national also consists of over 1,700 species of plants, representing half of the flora of Montenegro, or approximately one fifth of the Balkan region flora. Prokletije are rich in forests, predominantly temperate and conifer types. Almost half of forest resources have rain forest character. In respect of bio – geography, Prokletije belong to the Alpine mountain region, and that had an impact on the animal life, which is characterized by its great diversity.

Because of its wilderness, inaccessibility and beauty Prokletije are becoming a favorite destination for a vast number of tourists, nature lovers, particularly for hikers and climbers. Popular starting point for almost every marked trial are two ample and wide valleys, surrounded by Grebaja and Ropojana, two mountain peaks. Views, outlooks and panorama that make you enjoy your time once you reach highest peak points of Prokletije are simply breathtaking. Most popular mountainous trails would lead you to Volusnica peak (1879 m altitude), Talijanka (2056 m altitude) and Popadija with 2057 m altitude. On the other hand, challenging and attractive trials lead to highest mountain peaks in Prokletije in Montenegro; namely Zla kolata, Karanfil and Ocnjak. Also, during the visit to Prokletije national park, visiting Hridsko Lake, Grlja Waterfalls, Skakvica Eye, as exceptional and most popular tourist destination, simply becomes unavoidable.

As far as biodiversity richness is concerned, the fact that there are over 2000 miscellaneous plant species inhabiting Prokletije national park does seem rather impressive. This number on the other hand also represents almost 50% of total Montenegro flora and 20% of total flora in the Balkan region.

National park comprehends rich forests with almost 50% of them having rain forest features. Additionally, there is a significant number of endemic species in Prokletije national park registered, making a notable part of Balkan region flora.

Animal life is also very diverse. Prokletije national park is exceptional because of its most important center of herpeto – fauna diversity. As far as ornito – fauna is concerned, there are over 180 bird species registered in this particular area, which marks and outlines Prokletije national park as mountain massif with richest ornito – fauna in Montenegro and wider across the region. Numerous endangered and protected mammals species registered in this area present yet another attraction. Rabbit, wolf, brown bear, lynx, wild boar, chamois, roe deer Etc live in this area. Their habitats are high mountainous regions, valleys of Ropojana and Grbaja, forest ecosystems, mountain lakes and rivers.