Other outdoor activity in Kosovo

Rock climbing is an activity that has been taking place since 2002 in the Rugova Gorge. More than 60 rock climbing lines have been created, of 10 to 35 m in length, while their difficulty ranges from 5c+ to 6b+. Most of the climbing lines are concentrated in the Rugova Gorge at various rock-climbing sites. In the summer season, rock climbers are a daily encounter, enjoying their activities along the Rugova Gorge or in other areas around Rugova.

Via Ferrata is another thrilling experience that is highly sought after by visitors to Peja. By now, there are a total of 5 Via Ferrata pathways in the Accursed Mountains, with 4 located in the Rugova Gorge, and only one in the Deçan Gorge. These awesome “iron pathways” over cliffs extend from 300 m to 1000 m, with elevation from the ground level going to even above 300 m. Local organisations and tour operators, provide guided events on the “Via Ferrata” mountain climbing pathways, and offer the necessary safety equipment without which the climb is not allowed.     

Zip Line flying is another adrenaline inducing activity you can do in Peja. It is located in the Rugova gorge, about three kilometres from the city centre, with a running length of 700 meters, which makes it one of the longest in the region. The zip line flying experience will give you incredible views of the Rugova canyon and the river that runs through it. This is the only major Zip Line in Kosovo and it has been certified by an international organisation. The Zip Line utilises US made equipment, and professional trained staff will assist you to safely conduct this recreational activity. 

Paragliding over Peja is another activity that complements and enriches Peja’s tourism offer. This activity is offered at two sites, one in the Maja e Zezë hills (Black Peak) found to the north of Peja that offers exiting flight paths over the city of Peja, and the other in the Lipa mountain, offering stunning views of the Drini i Bardhë waterfall and the Dukagjini flatlands covering many municipalities.  

Hot air balloon riding is quite a recent development in Peja, as part of the Municipality’s efforts to enrich the tourism offer. Currently, there is one hot air balloon being operated, but there are plans for increasing this number, as local pilots are being trained and certified to operate these crafts, hence in the near future this activity will become even more popular.  

Rafting and Kayaking are recent additions to the list of outdoor activities available in Peja. The local organisation which organises such events is still developing additional locations along the rivers of the region, with some offering more adrenaline inducing experiences over the rapid river waters that frow from the Rugova Gorge.     

Cave exploration is currently available in two locations in Peja. The “Gryka e Madhe” Cave, located on the Rugova Gorge, is a mega attraction and is still being explored. So far, 13 km of exploration have been made inside this cave, and its exploration effort will take many more years. It is distinguished by the stunning beauty of its galleries of different sizes with stalagmites, stalactites, pools, streams, etc. What makes it unique is its height, ranking it among the top 10 unique caves around the world. The other cave which is located in the village of Radavc is called the Sleeping Beauty, and is also part of Accursed Mountains national park zone. This cave is open and can be visited during most of the year, apart from the spring season when the snow and ice melting raise the level of the water inside the cave. This cave is located next to the Drini i Bardh spring and its beautiful waterfall, which makes it an attractive combination of natural heritage assets to visit. 

Skiing is also a very popular activity. Although the conditions may be far from perfect, you can have a very good experience, especially if you’re a beginner who wants to learn the basics. Nordic skiing is another possible activity in this mountainous part. Currently, only the village of Boge offers a ski-lift service and maintained skiing pathways, however, other locations are being explored and are expected to be developed in the coming years.   

Snowshoeing is another activity that has been developed in the recent years, with local organisations providing equipment and guides for organised events, on trails that connect the various villages. The village of Boge is again a starting point for such snowshoeing trips, and through this project a cross-border snowshoeing itinerary has been established also, connecting Boge with villages on the Montenegrin side. 

If you wish to obtain more information or are interested in being part of these outdoor activities, you may contact the Peja Tourism Information Office through the following options:  

Tel: +383 (0) 39 423 949

Email: pejatourism@yahoo.com / pejatourism@hotmail.com 

Web: www.pejatourism.org 

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