Qafa e Broqit Lodge

This facility is 2km (1.10 min hike) from Reka e Allages east of biking trail set up in Qafa e Broqit pass, as the name entails, at 1,402m altitude. It is built and run by the family who owns the land and lives in the house, beside the two touristic bungalows, shown below, it accommodates 10 people, connected to fresh drinking water, equipped with a restroom with warm water, a small self-service kitchen and dining area per each bungalow. Homemade food, dairy produce, mountain tea etc., is provided by the family. The family lives here from spring to autumn taking care of their visitors. Since the premise is 5km from the other segment of biking trail (12km Rugova road) where local road is not in good shape, the owner offers 4×4 transportation and provides driving/hiking guide to visit local attractions up to Maja e Zeze peaks 5 km north of it. The surrounding is good for hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, forest fruit collection, and similar activities.

Address: Qafa e Broqit – Shtupeq i Madh
Municipality: Pejë
Contact Person: Istref Nikqi
Tel: +38349525227


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