Te Liqeni – Lodge

This lodge is situated along the pine trees forest of Leqinat zone, on the path towards the Kuqishte lake, that is why it is named “Te Liqeni” meaning at the lake. It has a restaurant that serves traditional food and provides accommodation with a current capacity of 11 rooms and huts that have a total of 55 beds, while the restaurant has a capacity of 250 seats, and a meeting room for 20 people. The verandas and bungalows have some of the most spectacular views of the Rugova highlands, and since its situated on a slope there will be nothing to hinder your view.

Address: Kuqishtë village, Leqinat zone, Rugova highlands, Peja
Municipality: Peja
Contact Person: Qëndrim Dreshaj
Tel: +383 49 446 154
Email: teliqeni@gmail.com / qendrimdreshaj0@gmail.com
Social Media: Facebook

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