Restaurant Era

Restaurant ERA is located above “Bedri Pejani” gymnasium in Peja, the road opposite the catholic church. The restaurant has an altitude of 800 m. the restaurant is mainly build with stone and glass and it’s surrounded with fresh air and countryside. The restaurant has an indoor restaurant with 410m2 and two terraces where you can feel the forest breeze, bird songs and smog free air.  Era restaurant also provides a space with the capacity up to 300 persons suitable for different ceremonies. Restaurant offers traditional food and also sea food prepared with love from the Albanian chef.  

Address: Adresa: 12 Qershor 1999, Maja e zezë, 30000 Pejë
Municipality: Peja, 30000
Contact Person: Sylejmon Gashi
Tel: +383 (0) 49 755 645
Social Media:  Facebook

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