Lojza Mountain Hut

The inn a wooden mountain hut situated in a beautiful landscape in Sllanopoje Mountain. There you can walk, bike or drive through through Rugova Gorge turn right in 4.5th km of the road and go through Milisheva gorge or from Decani Gorge. The inn provides lodging only with capacity of 20 beds. It is equipped with restroom, fresh drinking and warm water and a small self-serving kitchen corner with a wood stove where mountain tea can be found, no food provided. There is no electricity supply, a generator is used. By it passes the Peaks of Balkans three-country border hiking trail, from now the VIA Dinaric Alps mountain biking and hiking trails.

The owner is a mountaineer himself, knowledgeable about the area, is member of the paraguiding club in Peja, speaks Serbian and English, so may provide information and local guiding. The inn works mainly during summer season with prior booking, it works with tour agencies as “Zbulo” in Tirna, Harusha Guest house in Thethi. 

The inn is a resting point in the end of the 1st segment of IP Dinarik Alps hiking – Kosovo Transversal and meeting point with the MBT. Through here pass the Peaks of Balkans cross border trail.

Address: Zllanopojë – Deçan Mountains
Municipality: Deçan
Contact Person: Zeki Ahmetxhekaj
Tel: +38349850857
Email: bujtinalojza@hotmail.com


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