This brand-new touristic facility is set up in Gropa e Erenikut where hikers end or start Via Dinarica Alps hiking journey. There is a refuge for up to 30 people in 14 rooms, with 100-seat restaurant service and a conference room of 50 people. People stay there from an afternoon to a month. It supports recreational activities, site visits, walks in summer and winter, hiking and biking.  A view of area is below.  Here hikers energise to start the Via Dinarica Alps Hike journey or rest in their trip from Kuqishta, as well as a place through which Peaks of Balkans goes.

Address:  Gropa e Erenikut – Junik
Municipality: Deçan
Contact Person:  Muse Krasniqi
Tel: +38345438525; +38344568622


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