Kulla e Mazrekajve

Kulla e Mazrekajve Guesthouse is in Drenoc village, 3.3 km from Decan city center. It was restored in 2004 and turned into a guesthouse, which is now run by its owner. The upper floor of the kulla (stone tower) is open for visitors and up to 4 guests can spend the night, taste the local foods and enjoy the local traditions. This became a favourite stop for many visitors over the past years as the Via Dinarica biking trail goes through this villages, which is characterised by the same stone structure buildings preserved in their traditional look. 

Address: Rexhep Mazrekaj str, nr. 28, Drenoc village, Deçan
Municipality: Deçan
Contact Person: Isuf Mazrekaj
Tel: +383 44 386 517 / +383 44 363 304

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