One Day Travel: Accursed Mountains Montenegro and Kosovo

A visit to area of the Accursed Mountains will enchant you in so many ways. Spectacular mountain scenery, exciting ascents and other gorgeous hiking routes are available to people of all ages, skills and stamina.

There are many historical landmarks and charming old settlements one can explore. This is one of the most diverse regions in Europe in a cultural and historical sense. It is a meeting point of many cultures and religions: Orthodox, Muslim and Catholic.

If you are passing by and staying in this area only for a night, we have created this one-day trip plan to present you some of the best-kept secrets of this cross border area between Montenegro and Kosovo.
Arrival in Gjakovë in evening hours.

Short stroll through old town of Gjakovë

Old town of Gjakovë is a wonderful place for hanging out, filled with cosy cafes. Locals are known for unique sense of humour. A stand-up comedy festival takes place during summer. Although small, Gjakovë leaves a good impression.

Accommodation in the hotel Carshia e Jupave Inn

Hotel Carshia e Jupave is situated in the very centre of old town with magical mixture of old and new. Hotel has kept local, traditional character with a breath of warm modern design. This exclusive hotel is a perfect combination of art and design: not only in its interior adorned by precious works of art, but also its location so close to the heart of historically significant part of town.

Visit to Dečani Monastery

Monastery Visoki Dečani is on UNESCOs list of world heritage, one of the most amazing cultural attractions in cross-border area between Kosovo and Montenegro. It was founded in the first half of the 14th Century by Stefan Dečanski. Admirable high and decorated monastery walls, including other treasuries, are quite impressive.

Arrival to Grebaje Valley

Grebaje Valley is fairy-tail like Alpine valley, one of the most famous landscapes of the Prokletije National Park. A walk across the valley reveals several wonders of nature, as „Hollow Door“; rocky formation known as „Cat kissing a kitten“, and an eternal glacier.

In the National Park info centre, one can rent bicycles for a picturesque ride from Grebaje to Ropojana valley. Green nuances of the landscape are eye pleasing. The valley is surrounded by grey mountains reaching height to the sky.
In surrounding villages, there are several villager households where one can stop and dine tasty, traditional dishes. Household Bojović in Grnčar village is one of them, where you can try traditional dishes and a local specialty carrot jam.

The Grebaje valley is an excellent starting point for several mountain routes in the vicinity. For example, a magnificent well „Oko skakavica“, the largest well in the Accursed Mountains.

Volušnica trail is also an attractive option. One of the most known mountain routes in Montenegro. History lovers will enjoy searching for tombstones near the abandoned summer grazing of Volušnica. This ancient engraving depicts a struggle of man and woman with a wolf attacking their child. Archaeologists estimate it dates back to the Neolithic period.

Nature lovers might be particularly interested in a walk to Kotlova and to the lowest glacier in Montenegro. There, some endemic plants like Wulfenia blecicii can be observed.

A great place to stay in Grebaje valley is katun Maja Karanfil. Katun has accommodation and a restaurant serving traditional cuisine with a unique amphitheatre of the Accursed Mountains summits.

Evening relaxation in Grebaje valley. The valley is an ideal place for slow evening stroll, jogging or meditation.



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