Other outdoor activity in Montenegro


One of the newest and more and more popular sports is paragliding, which also belongs to the ranks of extreme sports. This sport offers a chance to fly using air currents, just like a bird, to all the people who enjoy excitement and adrenaline. When conditions allow, you can fly for hours, and travel across hundreds of kilometers. And, you will have a chance to see the Accursed mountains from a completely different perspective. 

Montenegro Paragliding Association and paragliding clubs offer tandem flights, where you can experience an unforgettable flight with a qualified instructor. 

For more information, contact the paragliding association via the following website


Rafting and kayaking 

Rafting down the river Lim is a true adventure challenge to all those people who are eager for adrenaline. Beside those parts of the river which are dangerous and demand a high level of professionalism and caution, one can enjoy an easy ride along the more peaceful parts, through the stunning region ideal for taking photos, breaks and relaxation. 

For the people who are interested in a more peaceful ride in a kayak (one-seater or two-seater), Ljuča is an ideal destination for you. Ljuča is a river which reminds of real plain rivers with its meanders, that slow down its flow, so one will need to row most of the ride. A curiosity here is that the river is considerably longer that the road between Plav and Gusinje, and the river is situated between these two towns. In fact, its length is around 16 kilometers, due to the meanders and the road between these two towns is 11 km long. 

Apart from rafting down Ljuča and Lim , for those who want to enjoy calm water rides and still be able to swim and sunbathe, Plav Lake is the right place to go kayaking and pedal boat riding.  

For more information, visit www.toplav.me


The area of the Accursed Mountain and its surroundings abounds in caves.

The deepest cave of the entire massif of the Accursed mountains, including Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, is Rudarska (Miner’s) cave. Another cave that stands out in this region is Ice cave.

Apart from the region of the Accursed mountains, you can also visit Župan cave in Berane and Djalovića, Novakovića and Osoja caves in Bijelo Polje. 

Note: Speleology is an interesting but also very dangerous activity. It is not recommended to visit the caves alone, without some specially trained person.

Everyone who is experienced in speleology can contact the Mountaineering – Speleology Club Akovo from Bijelo Polje that can organize the visit of these caves. 

+382 69 377 393

Skiing is also a very popular activity. Although the conditions may be far from perfect, you can have a very good experience, especially if you’re a beginner who wants to learn the basics. Nordic skiing is another possible activity in this mountainous part. Currently, only the village of Boge offers a ski-lift service and maintained skiing pathways, however, other locations are being explored and are expected to be developed in the coming years.   

In Montenegro, Lokve and Hajla are active ski centers. New kilometers of ski slopes are being expected to be built.


Ski center Lokve 
+382 67 233 685

Ski center Hajla
+382 68 602 501

Snowshoeing is another activity that has been developed in the recent years, with local organisations providing equipment and guides for organised events, on trails that connect the various villages. The village of Boge is again a starting point for such snowshoeing trips, and through this project a cross-border snowshoeing itinerary has been established also, connecting Boge with villages on the Montenegrin side. 

Snowshoeing and backcountry skiing trail MNE-KOS

 This trail connects three ski centers in Montenegro and in Kosovo – Turjak, Lokve and Boge, but through a wilderness zone, where you will not meet any of the skiers otherwise! This trail is for backcountry skiing or snowshoeing, so no ski lifts, you are on your own. If you are in for an adventure, then give it a try. You can start in either of the ski centers, it does not matter, and you can get to any of the other two centers, your choice. You will pass through katuns that are deserted during winter, and along this route there are no inhabited places, not until you reach your destination. This is important to know, for your safety. So please, do not go alone, and do not leave without letting someone know where you are going. This is important in case you experience an accident of any sort. Though the trail is signposted, snow cover sometimes gets so high, it could happen that at some locations you will not be able to see the signs. That is why we recommend you take a GPS device with you, well charged or with extra batteries, you will not be able to charge it on the route. The trail goes through the territory where avalanches are not common, but that really depends on many circumstances. If you are a beginner, do not risk it, either pick another route, or take this one in company of someone who is experienced. Let us know about your experience, so we can share it with the others.

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