City Theatre Istref Begolli

Peja Theatre (also known as The Professional Theatre) “Istref Begolli”, is a centre for Peja professional actors, which operates since over 60 years and, recently, after 2010, the theatre commenced working with the 6th generation of actors. Many nationally known actors have been initially through the doors of this premise. Some of the aforementioned actors, who further contributed to educating new generations are: Abdurahman Shala, Istref Begolli, Faruk Begolli , Melihate Ajeti, Kristë Berisha Malogami, Ragip Loxha, and the list goes on.

Address: Str. Fehmi Agani in Pejë
Municipality: Pejë
Contact Person: Krenare Luta – Radoniqi (the director)
Tel: +38339420740

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