Sleeping Beauty Cave (Radavci Cave)

The Sleeping Beauty Cave, or as locally known as the Radavci Cave, is operated by the local speleology organisation Aragonit-Speleo, who have helped to turn into a tourist destination site, and in addition to its maintenance, they also provide guided tours of the cave. The cave is located in a beautiful area, next to the springs of river Drini and its majestic waterfall, hence a visit to this cave will be complemented with additional experiences. The organisation, with the help of the local authorities and donors, has been able to construct pathways into the different sections of the cave, and also instal proper lighting, which allow visitors to enjoy its beauty and the various formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

Address: Village of Radavci, Peja
Contact Person: Mentor Bojku
Tel: +383 44 221 365 / +383 49 168 566
Social Media: Facebook

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