Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata Ari is the most advanced adventure product in Kosovo. Though its full of adrenaline no previous training is needed. Some 90 per cent of our clients are first timers. But still, your heart will race as you make the vertical climb through metallic scales high above Rugova Canyon. You will be reaching some unmatched views of the surrounding mountains. It’s a must do when you visit Kosovo. For those braver Via Ferrata Berim is an option.Via Ferrata is Italian for “iron road,” via ferrata is a climbing method in which climbers navigate a series of steel ropes and stairs while always firmly secured to the rock. Built with support from Italian experts from the Dolomites using state-of- the art techniques and equipment, Via Ferrata Ari is as safe as it is memorable. The via ferrata ascent and hike back down generally takes approximately 2-3 hours. Need to work your way up to Ari? Start with Via Ferrata Mat (2 hrs), our newest route, which takes a more leisurely path horizontal to the river and offers similarly rewarding views of the canyon. The technical difficulty of both routes is the same, though they both have their unique charms.  

Address: Mbretesha Teute, Peje 30000
Municipality: Peje, 30000
Contact Person: Mentor Vokshi
Tel: +383 49 661 105

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