Katun Road Borderline Heights

Katun road Borderline Heights is a thematic, katun road more than 160km long, which binds together more than 30 katuns on the mountains right along the border with Kosovo and it represents the first touristic product in Montenegro that completely relies on the cultural heritage and tradition illustrated in katuns. The area of katun road embraces several mountains – Čakor, Mokra, Smiljevica, Hajla which belong to the northeast branch of Prokletije, the southernmost mountain chain of Dinarides. We would like to share this tradition with you, along with the stunning landscapes where our farmers have lived for centuries, to show you and tell you everything that is worth seeing and hearing about the tradition of transhumance which is slowly dying out. So, if you have decided to go through this area but you’d first like to get detailed information about what to see here, we have prepared some additional information about this zone, we have made some recommendations for you and have described the services that you can get on the katun road.


  • You will explore beautiful mountain areas, off the beaten track.
  • You will meet the magical world of katuns, warm and hospitable people in them, and live their life for couple of days.
  • You will step into the history, taste the life of the farmers, the way it used to be couple of centuries ago.
  • You will try homemade delicacies that cannot be found elsewhere, made from only those ingredients available high in the mountains.
  • You will get to see the wild beauty of Montenegrin mountains, rich with diverse flora and fauna.
  • By coming here you will not be just a tourist, you will be the support to the locals to continue to treasure this centuries old tradition.
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