Katun road Tatarija, Misa and Greben

This is an extension of Katun road Borderline Hights, which takes you deeper into Accursed Mountains. This is also a connecting route between Via Dinarica and Peaks of the Balkans, two famous routes of international nature, so in case zou are hiking along Via Dinarica, for example, zou can take a detour on katun road and meet a special culture of nomadic settlement and try best cheeses one can find in Montenegro.

This katun road explores exotic peaks of Misa, Greben and Tatarija, and aside from showing the katuns, it also shows some of the beautiful and yet unknown parts of Accursed mountains. There are several glacier lakes along this route, hidden, that even most of the locals have not explored yet.

Safety recommendations: Though the trail passes through some of the katuns, the rest of this territory is wilderness and you will not meet many people. The deeper into the mountain you go, the weaker the signal for mobile phones. So, be cautious, do not travel alone, it is always safer to travel in company. Use GPS device or mobile phone with some offline version of maps with you, to make sure you are on the route.

Download file: Katun Road Tatarija Misa Greben.gpx


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