Marimangat e Pejes

The Alpine Association “Marimangat e Pejes” or as it is also known also “Marimangat” was established in 2002 as an initiative and gethering of the interests of the alpine youth community in the municipality of Peja. It was established with the help of the professional Italian climber Mauro Barizone and Agim Haqku as an association to start a new history in the state of Kosovo since rock climbing as an activity has not been developed earlier. So, this association is also the first rock climbing association and the largest and most traditional rock-climbing association operating in Kosovo.

The main goal of the association is the integration of young people regardless of gender and race in the sport of rock climbing and its massification, involvement of young people in mountain activities and promoting better health, promoting a sustainable environment and development of adventure tourism in the municipality of Peja and wider area.

Address: Mbreteresha Teute, Peje,30000,  Kosove
Municipality: Peja, 30000
Contact Person:  Nol Krasniqi
Tel: +383 49174442

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