Aeronautics has a rich and old history in Peja. It is known as one of the sports and recreational activities with a long tradition. There are many Aero- enthusiasts in Peja who form a local club, where there are year round activities and opportunities to become involved and enjoy the sport. Nowadays around Peja there are two main zones where devotees of paragliding sports can indulge their love for high attitude.
The first one is located at the place called Maja e Zeze (eng. Black Peak), which has an attitude of 900m and the second location is in village of Lipa, in the northern part of Peja on the way of Drini I Bardhe waterfall.
Both zones are very attractive because of their positions, the whole city of Peja and almost all Dukagjini Plain is visible during flight. 

Address: Shtepia e Kultures, Adem Jashari St.
Municipality: Peja 30000
Contact Person: Eduard Daci
Tel: +383 49 180 925

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