SH.B.A “Gjeravica”

Alpine Mountaineering Association Gjeravica is established in 1928 in Peja. Initially the association was established from Slovenian alpinists in that time involved in railway building in Peja. They were inspired with the beauty of Peja mountains and therefore decided to establish the association. Gjeravica is known as the oldest association in the region and until today counts more than 16000 members.

Members of Gjeravica association have achieved to accomplish different expedites throughout the globe. Gjeravica mainly organizes mountain trips in Kosova and regional mountains. we also have the Search and Rescue team. Gjeravica is involved in different projects for marking and digitalisation of mountain trails. 

Gjeravica association is involved in different actions for environment protection.

Address: Mbretresha Teute
Municipality: Peja, 30000
Contact Person: Raif Gjikolli
Tel: 049 135 590

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