South to West Biking Trail

Itinerary:  Peja – Loxha – Llozhan – Strellc i Ulët – Isniq – Deçan – Deçani Gorge – Kozhnjer – Zalli Rupes – Bogiqe Pass 

This trail starts from Peja city centre and goes through the villages along the fields of the Dukagjini flatlands, for a distance of 20 km to reach the Deçan Gorge, where the mountainous part of the journey begins, and leads to the Bogiqe Pass at an altitude of 2100 m full of panoramic views of the Deçan highlands. The end point of this trail is also the tri-border between Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania, and is where your experience continues in the Montenegrin part of the trails.

  • Length: 46.97 km 
  • Difficulty: Moderate – suitable for non-professional recreational bikers of almost all ages and visitors who are in good physical shape.
  • Stages: The trail is divided into two stages, and is recommended by guides to be coved during a two-day period which includes recuperation breaks and overnight stays in guesthouses found in panoramic villages along the trail path.
  • Attractions: Cultural heritage sites full of old stone houses (Kulla’s) along the trail from Peja to Deçan, panoramic views of the villages along the flatlands, views of the Accursed Mountains, Deçan Gorge, Deçan Monastery, views of the Accursed Mountains in Montenegro and Albania, etc.
Download file: Biking Trail 2 - South-West - AM KS.gpx


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