The New Rock-climbing Lines of the Accursed Mountains

Rock climbing in an added value to adventure tourism in the Rugova highlands. The Rugova Gorge is simply put, a rock-climbing paradise that offers exceptional conditions. The cliffs risings up to 1000 meters along the 12 km stretch of this gorge, have great potential to offer opportunities for climbing. So far, about 60 climbing lines have been created at different sites, mainly in the Rugova Gorge. The new lines created during 2020 and 2021 as part of this project are located in a very attractive area for rock climbing and camping, which has been named the “Exquisite Climbing” zone. It is located only 3 km away from Peja city centre, in the direction of the Rugova Gorge. You can reach this area on foot, or you can also take either public transportation or a taxi. Once you have reached the first bridge at the third kilometre on the Peja-Rugova road, on your left you’ll be able to see the access path to this area. It only takes a few minutes of uphill walking from the main road to get to the base point of the rock-climbing lines. 

This new rock-climbing site, developed through this project, has a total of 18 rock climbing lines, of 15 to 35 meters in length, while their difficulty ranges from 5c+ to 6b+. The area offers climbing opportunities even for beginners who want to give rock-climbing a try or wish to engage in this adventure activity. The organisation which helped to develop this site and is in charge of its operation and maintenance is “Marimangat e Pejës” (The Peja Spiders), which also organises rock-climbing events in this and other sites. 

Organisation in charge:

Alpinist Association “Marimangat e Pejës” 


Nol Krasniqi

Tel: +383 49 661 105 / +383 49 174 442

ATTENTION: Rock-climbing requires specialist skills and equipment, and should not be attempted by those without any prior experience. Please get in touch with the local organisation listed above to arrange your safe rock-climbing experience, using safety tested equipment and tools. 



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