The Hajla Peak Trail

This is one of the most attractive peaks which is summited by both domestic and foreign mountaineers and alpinists all year round. It is located on the north-western mountains overlooking Peja, and the route to it passes along the villages of Reka Allages and Pepaj, with optional routes going also through the villages of Koshutan, Shkrel and Shtedim. To get to the starting point of this trail, transportation is required from Peja to one of the villages mentioned above, although Pepaj village is the most preferred one. The trail progresses through beautiful highland landscapes full of the various species of pine and beech trees, as well as many other types of plants and flowers, like the famous Alpine Star known as the Edelweiss. On the trail you may also encounter various species of birds and other animals. Once you have summited the Hajla Peak, you will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the Accursed Mountain ranges and other mountain tops, which stretch beyond Kosovo in the direction of Montenegro and Albania. 

  • Length: 3.8 km 
  • Minimum altitude 1,630 m / maximum altitude 2,403 m  
  • Difficulty: Moderate (suitable for mountaineers of all ages and visitors who are in good shape and are familiar with hiking, while during the winter season more technical skills are required) 
  • Duration: 3h
Download file: 1-Hajla Peak Trail.gpx


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