Peaks of the Balkans

Peaks of the Balkans is a hiking trail that passes through mountainous regions of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. The trail was designed by national and local tourist organizations and mountaineering clubs in cooperation with GIZ.

The highest peaks reach altitude over 2300 m, of which the largest is Maja Jezerce in Albania, 2694 m. The trail passes through pristine mountainous areas including old cattle trails, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, as well as small villages tucked away in mountain ranges.

It takes 10-13 days to tour the entire trail, depending on hikers ‘fitness level. This is circular trail, so you can start the hike in any of the three countries it passes through, Plav – Montenegro, Theth – Albania, or Peja – Kosovo.

One third of the total length of the trail passes through Montenegro. One could say that this is the most beautiful part of the Balkan Peaks trail. You will visit Lake Hrid, Ropojanska Valley and many villages and katuns where tradition and culture of this region is still preserved.

Safety recommendation: Always carefully make plans to spend time in nature according to your own capacities. Group hiking is recommended.

Please make sure to have appropriate clothes and footwear, orientation equipment (guiding map, compass or GPS), protection gear for bad weather, light torch, sufficient water and food supplies, first aid and signal whistle.

Taking into consideration that track crosses over two neighbouring countries, where there are no official border crossing points it is obligatory to contact border police.

Download file: vrhovi balkana.gpx


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