North to West Hiking Trail

Itinerary: Shtupeq i Madh – Podi Jakupit – Shtedim – Hajla Pass – Hajla Peak – Dramadol – Qafa e Dasmorëve – Stankaj  

The starting point of the North to West hiking trail is in the village of Shtupeq i Madh which is 15 km away from the city of Peja. Transportation can be arranged through local tour operators or individual guides, or alternatively you can also take the public transport that runs on the Peja-Rugova route twice a day (08:00 and 15:00). The trail progresses through stunning mountainous areas, panoramic villages and seasonal settlements in the highlands of the Rugova Valley, with three optional border crossings into Montenegro, which connect to trails on the other side of the border. These border crossing points are the Shtedimi Pass (Gurri N’drenikës), the “Qafa e Dasmorëve” (Pass of Wedding Processions) near Boge village, and along the area known as the Beautiful Meadows near Stankaj village.  

  • Length: 34.88 km 
  • Minimum altitude 860 m / maximum altitude 2,403 m  
  • Difficulty: Moderate (suitable for mountaineers of all ages and visitors who are in good shape and are familiar with hiking) 
  • Stages: The trail is divided into three stages, and is recommended by guides to be coved during a three-day period which includes recuperation breaks and overnight stays in guesthouses found in panoramic villages along the trail path.

Attractions: Hajla Peak 2403 m, views of Leqinat Highlands, views of Guri i Kuq, views of Lumbardh, views of Montenegro mountains, etc.

Download file: Hiking Trail 1 - North to West - AM KS.gpx


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