South to West Hiking Trail

The South to West trail can be accessed directly from the city of Peja, by initially taking the recreational pedestrian path known as the “Health Trail”, and then taking the path known as the Saka’s Meadow Trail, which passes along the southern hillside overlooking Peja and providing spectacular views of the city and its cultural heritage sites, which include a number of mosques, the catholic church and the Patriarchate. The trail then progresses further into the adventures of the mountains through the Çfërle Trail, where you have the option of summiting the peak of the mountain or take the trail around it to reach the highlands of Deçan Municipality, which also offer spectacular views of mountain ranges. The trail progresses towards Montenegro reaching the crossing point known as the Zavoji Pass. It is at this point that the trail connects to previously established trails of the “Peaks of the Balkans” and those of “Via Dinarica”, hence providing various options for continuing your hiking adventure further.   

Itinerary: Peja – Livadhi Adilit – Stanet e Irzniqit – Maja e Çferles (optional) – Milishevc – Pusi i Plaves – Zavoji Pass. 

  • Length: 37.55 km 
  • Difficulty: Moderate – suitable for mountaineers of all ages and visitors who are in good physical shape.
  • Stages: The trail is divided into three stages, and is recommended by guides to be coved during a three-day period which includes recuperation breaks and overnight stays in guesthouses found in panoramic villages along the trail path.

Attractions: Views of Peja and its cultural heritage sites, Livadhi Sakes (Sake’s meadow), Views of the Dukagjini Flatlands and Lake Radoniq, Çfërle Peak at 2,461m, Views of the mountains of Deçan and in general the Accursed Mountains, even over in Montenegro and Albania, the peaks of Gjeravica (2,656 m), Marijashi (2,530 m), Guri i Kuq (2,522 m), Jezerca (2,694 m), and other mountain ranges.

Download file: Hiking Trail 2 - South to West - AM KS.gpx


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