BA04 – Highlands Of Bjelasica

A beautiful route that leads from Lubnice through villages Bastahe and Glavaca to the fourth reef of Bjelasica,  the least known region of Bjelasica to tourists, which is no less attractive than other popular parts of this mountain.

In the first 11 km route takes us through farms and then directly from the village Glavace a new ascent begins towards the mountains and katuns Gojnovac and Rasova and further on to the plateau Potrkovo (1967m) offering a fantastic view on all four corners of the world.

From Potrkovo route continues towards katun Bubanjska Rupa, and then through Ostrikovci that includes the katuns Senjak and Brklje, continues to Torine where the route re-enters the forest area, and over Vijogora and summer katuns Bunjevice, Lazine and Novakov Do leads out to the wide pasture plateau Suvo Polje (dry field) (1920m), which is not so dry and lean with numerous ponds and shepherd’s huts.

From Suvo Polje route enters the second stage, with a descent through the summer katun Kojanovac and Lainska, towards Sisko lake (1665m) where it enters the zone of NP Biogradska Gora.

From Sisko lake, through katun Siska and Sevarinsko lake, a very beautiful and attractive region, where there are the two national top biking trails TT2 and TT3, the downhill route continues through the katuns Livadice and Suvodo and then through the village Kurikuce it finally arrives in Lubnice.

Before arriving in village Kurikuce you will come across a mountain lodge Suvodo, which offers accommodation and good local food including fresh trout and often can you find the melon chilled in the spring well that the bikers will especially appreciate after a long summer ride.

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