TT4 – Endless Landscapes

Five biking trails connect the best that Montenegro has to offer – from attractive and diverse mountains, glacial lakes, mountain rivers, the Adriatic Sea to important cultural and historical monuments, picturesque villages where you will meet friendly hosts and experience what traditional Montenegrin hospitality is all about. Although all trails are marked, do not travel without GPS logs; weather conditions or human negligence are common causes of damaged signage. We present you trail TT4 – Endless Landscapes.

Trail TT4 – Endless Landscapes – starts from the capital and connects the central part of Montenegro with northern, mountainous part. With constant alternation of ascents and descents, macadam and asphalt roads, mountain peaks and endless pastures, rivers and lakes, we visit, among other things, the Ostrog Monastery (17th Century), Durmitor National Park (on the UNESCO list of natural and cultural heritage), an ancient town Medun (4th and 3rd Century BC).

This tour connects the plains of Montenegro with the mountains. We reach Danilovgrad along the plain, where the ascent to the mountainous part of Montenegro begins. Be sure to visit the monastery Ostrog (XVII century) located in the cliff. The road through colourful landscapes leads us to Nevidio canyon, which is the last conquered canyon in Europe – only in 1965. From here, we have another ascent to Žabljak and the Durmitor National Park. Žabljak is one of the largest tourist centres in the north, both in winter as a ski resort and in summer due to the large number of lakes and peaks, untouched nature, which is on the UNESCO list of natural and cultural heritage.

The next section is less challenging than the previous one. We pass over endless pastures of the mountain Sinjajevina towards Kolašin. The area is sparsely populated and does not have many sources of drinking water. You need to provide sufficient supplies of food and water.

Kolašin is another tourist centre in the north. Here you can try traditional dishes in restaurants, but also in rural households that provide tourist services. Further on, the trail leads us along an asphalt road along the river Tara, followed by an ascent to Rikavac Lake and a long descent to Podgorica. Do not miss a tour of the ancient city of Medun (IV and III century BC).

Safety tips: if the weather is good, we feel well and know where we are, we are safe on this route. There is no need to worry about wild animals, and the people we will meet will be more than kind and ready to help. In katuns and villages, we can count on endless hospitality. Due to the remoteness of many sections, it is recommended to ride in a group, and as a minimum of equipment you should have a map and compass (or better yet, GPS device), mobile phone, flashlight, basic bicycle tool, and spare tire.

Download file: TT4.gpx


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