TT3 – Eastern Enchantment

Five biking trails connect the best that Montenegro has to offer – from attractive and diverse mountains, glacial lakes, mountain rivers, the Adriatic Sea to important cultural and historical monuments, picturesque villages where you will meet friendly hosts and experience what traditional Montenegrin hospitality is all about. Although all trails are marked, do not travel without GPS logs; weather conditions or human negligence are common causes of damaged signage. We present you trail TT3 – Eastern Enchantment.

From one of the three preserved rainforests of Europe, we head through the livestock areas and climb the Accursed Mountains. Its name tells a lot about nature of this area. Then, through the land of cattle breeders and cheese, we visit traditional settlements of mountainous region of Montenegro, katuns. Do not miss the opportunity to try traditional dishes of this area.

Not far from the place of departure is the Biogradska Gora National Park, through which the trail passes. As we turn from the main road to Biogradsko Lake, beautiful nature continue to enchant us. And the lake itself is the jewel of Bjelasica, into which the river flows, which flows through the rainforest protected in 1878, one of the three that remained in Europe. The trail take us along the edge of the rainforest and climbs up on a macadam road to slopes of Bjelasica. Indigenous buildings in the katuns preserve tradition of building this area. You can also try traditional dishes and produce offered by cattle breeders in katuns. After enjoying beautiful landscapes of Bjelasica, we descend towards Andrijevica, partly on macadam, partly on an asphalt road, following rivers, providing incredible views of Komovi and the Accursed Mountains.

The next section is probably the most challenging one on this track. Forest path that leads along the border between Montenegro and Albania. View of the peaks of the Accursed Mountains is worth the great effort we put into climbing. This is followed by a reward and a descent to Gusinje and Plav.

And then, another adventure. Along the Katun road, which connects katuns where perhaps the largest cattle breeders of the north are, you will enjoy wild areas and homemade food. There are many hosts in katuns who provide tourist services. What you can find there you cannot find in hotels and restaurants. This thematic trail takes us to mountain Hajla and Rožaje and back to slopes of Bjelasica, which we have missed to visit. Now we come across villages below Bjelasica, which are adorned with traditional building architecture. We will notice a lot of old stone houses and log cabins. Next, we come across a large number of katuns and katun huts typical for this area. They also have tourism service providers. Along the way, we come across several glacial lakes. If you are a bird lover, this is an ideal place for bird watching. This is followed by a descent to the place of departure.

This is another circular tour that takes us through the colourful regions of Montenegro, providing an unforgettable experience.

Safety tips: if the weather is good, we feel well and know where we are, we are safe on this route. Due to the remoteness of many sections, it is recommended to ride in a group, and as a minimum of equipment you should have a map and compass (or better yet, a GPS device), a mobile phone, a flashlight, a basic bicycle tool and a spare tire.

Download file: tt3.gpx


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