Border Hiking Trail on Hajla Mountain

This is one of the best cross-border trails between Kosovo and Montenegro, and it really meanders along the very border line between the two countries. It takes you through the nicest part of Hajla mountain, along its peaks, which of course provides you with nicest view to find in this zone. Almost all the time you will have this view. Which is dangerous – nice views will maybe distract you from looking at the trail! So be cautious. Following this trail, from whichever end you start, gives you variety of options – from this trail you can easily dotour to explore Hajla on Montenegro side, or you can switch to one of the Kosovo trails, the choice is yours. You can connect to Katun road,  and when you have explored it, again you can make a choice – connect to Peaks of the Balkans, or switch to Via Dinarica.
Safety recommendations: As always, hiking in wilderness is safer in group, so we recommend you do not take this route alone. You will be crossing the border, so make sure your paperwork is in order. For good orientation we recommend that you take GPS device and download the track log, or you download the Accursed mountains application and use it in offline mode for navigation.
Download file: Hajla Cmiljevica Trail.gpx


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